Domain Investing
Domain names are similar to stocks that can have initial public offerings and then be sold in secondary markets at different (usually greater) prices. Getting in on the "IPO" (initial domain registration) of a prominent sounding Internet name is the best method to secure a name at a low price that is likely to continuously increase in value. Unfortunately, the best names are long gone so it is unlikely that most new domains registered will have dramatic increases in value. Fortunately, many names can be purchased via secondary markets. is a secondary market for the very best unused Internet names. And, for the most part, the costs of names at our market are vastly lower than similar names that are offered elsewhere. A company or individual may want to buy some of our names to start a new ebusiness, to use for an existing business, or to speculate that the names are (or will be) worth more than's quoted price.

Recently, many domain names have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a few for over one million dollars. Since most companies are just beginning to recognize the permanent branding value of a good domain name, we believe this is just the beginning of the domain name trading phenomenon.