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We have been featured on various US radio and television shows, and articles have been written in international magazines, newspapers and other publications, including a current book.

Rated Best in New York by New York Magazine


Mike Douglas CBS Ch. 2 Mike Douglas
The Tomorrow Show NBC Ch. 4 Tom Snyder
Midday Live WNEW Ch. 5 Bill Bogs
Special News Report CBS Ch. 2  
P.M. Magazine (feature story) Ch. 2 Feb 24 1982  
A.M. America ABC Ch. 7  
For Black Woman ABC Ch. 7  
Feature / Advertisement - NY Ent. Guide Ch. 10  
Cable TV (D)  
Cable TV (C) Richard Roffmen
Cable TV (J)  
Ch. 9 News TV  
Oprah Winfrey Show ABC Ch. 7 - Oct 31 1996  


WOR Radio Barry Faber Show
WNYC Radio Ray Schnitzer
WHBI Radio Steve Kohn
WHC Doren Davis (advertisement)
WNCA Radio Sally, Jesse and Rachel
WNCN Radio (FM) Advertisement (tape available)
WNYC Radio Dick Summers Show
WXYZ Radio (ABC) Mark Scott



Oct 02 1975 Orange Country Post
Nov 10 1975 Down Town News
    1976 Action Newspaper
Feb 13 1976 Queen Tribune
July 22 1977 Feature Story
Jan 05 1979 Cue Magazine
May 04 1979 Class Magazine
Sept   1979 The Stock Market Magazine
Aug 08 1979 The Stock Market Magazine
Sept   1979 Amsterdam News
Nov 07 1979 Our Town News
Mar 24 1980 The Daily News
Apr   1980 Sepia Magazine
Apr 15 1980 Entertainment N.Y.
Dec   1980 World Paper
July   1981 Cosmopolitan Magazine - Feature Story
    1981 Damernas (Swedish magazine, published in Sweden)
Aug   1981 Marketing Times
June 03 1983 Bottom Line Magazine (Board Room Report)
June   1984 Show Business Newspaper
June 11 1984 Show Business
Oct   1984 NY Journal (Japan)
June   1990 New York Magazine
Apr   1991 Sportlight for Singles
    1993 The Int'l Review of Chief Executive Officers
Nov 22 1993 New York Observer
Jan   1995 Executive Class
    1995 World Travel Diary & Buyers Guide
Mar   1995 Europa Times
    1995 World Travel Guide
    1995 ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) - The World Membership Directory
    1996 Global Marketplace (The Official Yearbook of The World Trade Centers Association)
    1996 Book (hookups)
Apr   1997 The Strategic Guide to International Trade
Apr 14 1997 New York Magazine - "Best in New York"

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