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Personal Social Companions
Business/Social Intermediary - incoming
International Business Intermediary - outgoing
Social hookup - female
Social hookup - male
Party Hostess - business
Model - Trade show
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We offer an exclusive selection of top private hookups. These are international models, actresses, hostesses, former beauty queens, et al. They possess all the social refinement and other magical qualities that render them the perfect companions for any leisure, travel or social itineraries.

Business/Social Intermediary - incoming: Go back

A Middle-Eastern bank hired a social intermediary to travel with their CEO to several U.S. cities for ten days. The social intermediary was required to act as a language interpreter/personal secretary and social travel companion. She had to brief him on American social customs and culture. Her assistance helped the CEO to conduct his business trip in a more efficient and entertaining manner.

International Business Intermediary - outgoing: Go back

An Ohio business executive had some business commitments in Switzerland but felt some trepidation as this was his first trip to Europe. He was going alone and was not comfortable with the fact that he had no knowledge of French or German languages which he felt would help him to decipher certain documents to better negotiate his deals. Promtact, through its international network, was able to provide a local business intermediary, with a background in legal and business consulting to informally guide and otherwise assist the American executive in his business activities. His trip he claims was such a success that he used the service again in a similar way while on another business trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Social hookup - female: Go back

A greatful businessman wanted to show his appreciation to his attorney and friend (a bachelor), who had recently won a case for his company, and was in town for a short visit. He arranged with Promtact's hookup division to devise a deluxe "Evening-on-Town" package which was to include a very beautiful and elegant hookup who would accompany his friend to dinner in a top restaurant followed by a performance at the opera and later some dancing in a popular night club, complete with a limousine that was totally at their disposal. The attorney, who did not know anyone else socially in the city, was very pleased with his friend's thoughtfulness.

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A female client, (a European aristocrat) regularly retains distinguishing looking male hookups from Promtact to squire her to some of her black tie affairs that she attends when she is in New York. She, like the other society and career women who use this service for both social companionship and protection, are confident in the service's assurance of absolute discretion and anonymity.

Party Hostess - business: Go back

A shipping company hired 35 corporate hosts and hostesses to enliven a business party. Their job was to look terrific and mix and mingle with the guests, steering conversations toward subjects their clients were interested in promoting. All this helped to develop a mood that was conducive to the company's objective, resulting in a successful marketing strategy and permanent business relationship.

Model - Trade show: Go back

A toy manufacturer created a very unusual presentation by dressing one of the models that he hired from Promtact as a life size representation of the dolls he was exhibiting. Her role was to act as a talking doll, (actually, she is a professional spokesperson and model) meeting and greeting prospects while demonstrating the interesting attributes of the dolls, using her doll's character as the model.

Local Cultural/Tour Guide: Go back

A pharmaceutical company held a New York seminar and many delegates brought their spouses. To entertain them while the executives were attending their meetings, Promtact was required to organize shopping trips and familiarization tours through the mazes of New York City and its cultural intricacies.

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